The trek is designed to help make ANZAC day more significant for each individual involved and to show gratitude by sacrificing some sleep and comfort before attending the dawn service.

Length: approx 21km
Time: 4.5 to 5 hrs
Terrain: Bush tracks, steep uneven terrain, single file sections, beach/soft sand, road crossings/sections.
Pace: Brisk walk (light jog if necessary to make up time). Approx 5km/hr.
Fitness Level: Some level of fitness is required to complete this trek.
Experience: You do not need to have previous hiking experience to join in.

Just so its clear: We are walking through the night. The track is only lit by your head torch. It will be cold. Shops will not be open along the way. We will be stopping 2-3 times for toilet breaks at public toilets. This will be a challenging but enjoyable and achievable experience.

Challenging Yourself?
Load Bearing vs Clean Fatigues
The midnight to dawn trek is about remembrance, reflection and community as we give thanks to all those who have served and sacrificed. Many of us are inspired to add meaning to the trek by adding weight in the form of a pack, weight vest or by carrying a torsion bar. Our primary concern is that all participants have a positive experience, and complete the trek safely and injury free.

Here are some important considerations when deciding if and what to carry:

  • The first half of the trek covers steep, uneven (single track) terrain in Bouddi
    National Park.
  • Factoring stops we will need to maintain a minimum average walking speed of
    5km/hr. This equates to a brisk walking pace.
  • Any load bearing parameters you chose will need to have been tested beforehand
    under similar conditions and at a 5km/hr pace maintained
  • Carrying extra weight over this time period will add stress to the lower back, legs,
    shoulders respiratory capacity.
    So plan, prepare and test, that way you get to train smart, fight easy.
    As a broad indicator, beginner fast-packers would carry 10-12% of bodyweight, experienced
    hikers/military 20%+.

The key is to put ‘safe and achievable’ above ‘ego’. It’s a good lesson to learn!